Welcome to the East Palo Alto 101 Website

This website, over the coming months, will become a repository for all information, documents, and public notices for the East Palo Alto 101 Bicycle/Pedestrian Overpass project.  Make sure to come back regularly, or subscribe to this website, to stay up-to-date on project progress and chances to share your suggestions.

Highway 101 – A Barrier to Bicyclists and Pedestrians

As a bicyclist or pedestrian, crossing Highway 101 in and around East Palo Alto is no easy task.  The overpass at University Avenue has no dedicated bicycle access and a narrow sidewalk on only one side of the roadway – which must navigate an uncontrolled freeway off-ramp along its route.  Dedicated pedestrian & bicycle crossings of Highway 101, the nearest of which are at Ringwood Avenue to the northwest and at the Oregon Expressway to the southeast, are more than 3 miles apart.  That means a pedestrian or bicyclist on the west side of the University Avenue overpass, who chose to use a dedicated pedestrian/bicycle crossing, would have to travel over 6 miles to get to the east side of the University Avenue overcrossing.

East Palo Alto 101 Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing

Providing safe pedestrian/bicycle access across Highway 101 in East Palo Alto will help knit together the commercial and community service centers east of Highway 101 with the high density housing, future potential open space amenities, and commuter destinations to the west in the Woodland Community Neighborhood area.  As the City of East Palo Alto continues to expand their existing bicycle network and the Bay Trail, pedestrian & bicycle connectivity throughout all of East Palo Alto, as well as to adjacent communities, will become ever more essential.

Studying Possible Overcrossings

The Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass Project will study all possible locations for an overpass.  The study will lead to a community preferred alternative, which we will arrive at through research & analysis, design expertise, and public input.

Share Your Thoughts with Us

What are your thoughts for a potential pedestrian/bicycle overpass of Highway 101?  We want to hear from you as we formulate the community preferred alternative.  Send us your comments at our Contact Us page.